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The charity is aware of the recent “care in

the community” agenda with a focus on

prevention and public health. Just like in

1898 we want to be focused on developing

the arrangements which will support the

future needs of the community in the

community. With this in mind we are

planning to expand our range of support

to adults, and unpaid carers in the area to

meet the high levels of unmet need.


We have a dedicated and skilled staff who

are person centered and care for people

suffering from dementia.

However, we know there are many people

living alone insolation, with mild to medium

levels of dementia and/or anxiety who we could support.


Currently we run friendship/walking groups from the British legion Club, specialised dementia

support, a carers cafe and as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic we linked with Strathcare to deliver afternoon Tea and friendly chat to individuals isolating at home.

We are working in collaboration a number of local organisations to provide community based services.

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