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Prospective residents will have the opportunity to view the Home

prior to deciding to take up residence.  Before, and on admission,

they will be assessed and a plan of care will be drawn up with

regard to their individual needs. This plan will be constantly updated.

Each resident will have access to a Medical Practice of their choice

and will have the opportunity to have regular visits by other

Professional Services such as District Nurses, Dentists, Opticians

and Clergy. Every resident will be accommodated in a single room

in the Home, most of which have en-suite facilities.

We offer accommodation to both self-funding residents and to those receiving some degree of financial assistance by way of Local Authority funding, with the same high quality care provided in every case. If you are Local Authority assisted and you occupy a more expensive large or superior grade room an additional service charge may apply which can be paid by any third party, or yourself if your financial circumstances allow after assessment. This additional charge will never be more than the difference between the rate paid currently by the Local Authority and the true economic cost of the room on our tariff and such agreement will be noted on the individual contract document between the Home and the resident and approved by the relevant Authority.

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